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the competition
rules and regulations

In the spirit of innovation and in recognition of the importance of art and artistic expression in enhancing our environment and our daily lives, the Philippine Art Awards (PAA) welcomes all participating visual artists to its 2015-2016 competition. .

Competition Rules & Regulations

  1. All participants to the PAA 2015-2016 competition MUST USE the 2015 Entry Form when submitting their entries.
  2. All other and previous application/entry forms, rules, and regulations issued prior to October 15, 2015 are hereby cancelled and declared null and void.
  3. Please read all the mechanics, rules, and regulations carefully. PAA enforces strict implementation of set guidelines. Non - compliant entries on any of the stipulated rules will be disqualified.

The PAA 2015-2016 is a visual arts competition, which aims to support the development of Philippine contemporary art and to increase national and regional exposure for Philippine art and artists. The competition encourages, inspires, and rewards creative works by contemporary Philippine artists, with an intent of nurturing their talent. The awards provide a platform for up-and-coming Philippine artists to be recognized and their works exhibited nationally and allow ample cross-cultural exposure.


  • This is a nationwide visual art competition.
  • The competition is two-tiered:
       Phase 1) Regional selection of semi-finalists, and
       Phase 2) National selection of winners from the semi-finalists.
  • For Phase 1, the competition field is divided into four (4) separate Collective Regional Areas (CRA):
  1. Metro Manila Art Awards covering the NCR
  2. Luzon Art Awards covering Luzon
  3. Visayas Art Awards covering Visayas and
  4. Mindanao Art Awards covering Mindanao
Collective Regional Areas (CRA) Areas of Coverage
Luzon CAR / Ilocos Region / Cagayan Valley Central Luzon / CALABARZON MIMAROPA / Bicol Region
NCR 17 cities & municipalities of Metro Manila
Visayas Western Visayas / Central Visayas / Eastern Visayas
Mindanao Zamboanga / Northern Mindanao / Davao Region / SOCCSKARGEN / CARAGA / ARMM

PHASE 1: 2015 Regional Selection
The Regional Selection is composed of 2 parts:

Entries may be submitted to the PAA email address assigned for specific regional area:

  1. LUZON -
  3. VISAYAS -
Note: Electronic submission is not the official acceptance into the competition.

To be submitted are the following:
1) Completed entry form
2) Photograph of artwork

Important Instructions on photograph of artwork:
  1. When photographing artwork, please include one foot ruler beside artwork starting from bottom edge in a vertical orientation.
  2. Only take photograph of final artwork. Do not physically alter or revise artwork after photographing and submitting electronically. Any alteration/revision in the actual physical artwork after photographing will disqualify the entry. Any discrepancy or difference between the photograph and the actual artwork will disqualify the entry.
  3. Using photoshop or other image editing software is absolutely prohibited in altering the digital photograph of artwork. Any digital alteration/revision in the photograph of the artwork will disqualify the entry.
An artist can submit ONE entry to only ONE (1) Collective Regional Area (CRA) of his / her choice. Submission of entries in 2 or more Collective Regional Area is a cause for disqualification in the whole competition.

Deadline of electronic submission is February 15, 2016.

Round 1 of Judging: From the all works received via email the Panel of Judges shall select works each from each of the CRA (Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao, Metro Manila) to be included in the pool of shortlisted works.

1) Artists of shortlisted entries shall be informed via email, or through the Collection Centers covering their area.
2) Artists must submit actual work to collection center for actual verification of sizes, and entry documents, forms, and compliance with the rules and regulations of the competition. Shortlisted works will then be forwarded to Manila for Round 2 of Judging.

Round 2 of Judging: Actual works shall be presented to Panel of Judges, and 5 equal winning works from each CRA shall be selected.

Non-winning works shall be returned to corresponding CRA for collection of artists within 5 days of receipt of notice.

Winning works qualify for the selection of 2016 National Finals winners.

PHASE 2: 2016 National Finals
A total of five (5) winners will be selected from the collective 20 semi-finalists adjudged in the four Regional (CRA) level competitions:

One Grand Prize Winner
Two Juror's Choice of Excellence
Two Juror's Choice of Merit


  1. The competition is open to all Filipino citizens who are 18 years old and above as of January 1, 2015. As proof of age and citizenship, all entrants must submit any government - issued document or identification card (ID), photocopy of the artist's birth certificate, passport, or any valid government ID showing birth date and citizenship when submitting their entries.
  2. An artist can join only one collective CRA competition.
  3. Professional and non - professional artists are eligible to join the competition.
  4. Participation in the competition is FREE.
  5. Employees of PMFTC, Inc., Asian Tigers Lane Moving and Storage, the Yuchengco Museum, their affiliates, distributors, advertising and promotions agencies, companies involved in the production of program materials and the implementation of the competition, their agents, as well as their respective relatives up to the second degree of consanguinity and affinity are not eligible to participate in the competition.


  1. Multi-dimensional artworks.
  2. Any artistic visual art medium is acceptable, except stand- alone film and/or motion picture.
  3. There is no theme requirement. Any subject or theme may be explored by the artist.
  4. Each artist may submit only one entry.
  5. Only ORIGINAL and RECENT works will be accepted (not more than two years from date of submission).
  6. Previously exhibited works are allowed, except for those which have been previously entered in any national, regional, or international competition, including past PAA competitions.
  7. Size is not a criterion for selection. However, due to shipping and exhibition constraints, works must NOT EXCEED the following measurements:
    1. OPTION 1: Not exceeding 2m (200 cm) by 2m (200 cm) in height and width and depth not exceeding 12.5 cm and NOT MORE than 30 kilos inclusive of frame.
    2. OPTION 2: Not exceeding .6m (60cm) x .6m (60cm) x .6meters (60cm) and NOT MORE THAN 30 kg inclusive of pedestal.
  8. Works must be sturdy enough to withstand the rigors of multiple travel and handling.
  9. The works must be ready for exhibition, and do not require assembly.


  1. Works using dangerous, illegal/prohibitive, hazardous materials and the like are not acceptable.
  2. Works using endangered botanical, zoological and marine specimens;
  3. Works using precious metals and stones;
  4. Works on stand-alone film;
  5. Works which are fragile or brittle;
  6. Unfinished works including wet works;
  7. Works with incomplete documentation;
  8. Altered works to conform with size limitations;
  9. Works that have any alterations, revisions, additions, subtractions after photograph was taken and submitted or any discrepancy between the actual artwork and the photograph submitted.
  10. The Organizer reserves the right at its sole and absolute discretion, not to accept and/or disqualify any entry not meeting certain artistic and competition requirements or violating competition rules and regulations.

All entries will be judged according to the following criteria:

  1. Creative Use of Medium
  2. Expression and Technique
  3. Originality of Artistic Perception and Mode of Interpretation

The Organizer shall select members of the panel of judges. The selection of the judges shall be the sole prerogative of PAA.

  1. PAA 2015: Selection of Regional Winners
    Entries from the four CRAs will be judged separately by a panel of three well-known artists / art connoisseurs / art critics / art historians recommended by the PAA Secretariat and approved by PMFTC, Inc. The Panel of Judges for each of the CRA shall be convened to select five (5) equal semi-finalists from each CRA.

    All twenty (20) equal semi-finalists will further compete at the national level.

  2. PAA 2016: Selection of National Winners
    A panel of judges consisting of five judges shall select five (5) national winners consisting of one (1) Grand Prize Winner and four (4) Jurors’ Choice winners from the twenty semi-finalists.

Any participant or entry found to have violated the competition rules and regulations will be disqualified from the competition.

The Organizer reserves the right not to award any of the stipulated prizes should entries fail to meet competition rules and standards.

The Organizer further reserves the right to withdraw any or all of the stipulated prizes should artists or entries are found to have not met competition rules and standards.

All decisions by the panel of judges are final.


  1. PAA 2015: Selection of Semi-Finalists.
    1. Cash Prize: P40,000 each for the 20 semi-finalists
    2. Trophy by National Artist Napoleon Abueva
  2. PAA 2016: Selection of National Winners
    1. Cash Prize
      One GRAND PRIZE: Php 350,000
      Four JURORS' CHOICES consisting of
      Award of Excellence: Php 120,000 each and
      Award of Merit: Php 80,000 each
    2. Trophy by National Artist Napoleon Abueva
    3. All-expenses paid travel to an Asian country to be determined at a later time.

    Travel prize is NOT transferable or convertible to cash.

  3. All winning artworks remain the property of the entrants. However, all winners permit the Organizers to reproduce their works in the press, television, including Internet websites, and/or publicity and print materials (e.g., brochures, calendars, catalogues, greeting cards, etc.) in connection with the PAA before, during, and/or after the competition.


  1. Only shortlisted entries should be submitted to designated Collection Centers in each CRA
  2. All entries must be accompanied by the following:
    1. Accomplished Official Entry Form (or photocopy)
    2. Notarized Affidavit / Waiver (a copy is attached)
    3. One half - page typewritten artist's statement, including description of the painting in English or Filipino
    4. One 5x7 (5R) photo of entry
    5. One photo of artist
    6. Proof of age of artist and citizenship (photocopy of birth certificate, passport, or any valid government ID showing birthdate and citizenship)
    7. Retrieval Pass
    8. Official Entry Sticker (will be provided by RCC personnel during the submission day). The entry sticker must be filled out in full and attached to the back, top right-hand corner of the work. The information provided and the work submitted must correspond with that indicated on the entry form.


  1. All works which do not qualify as 20 semi - finalists must be retrieved within the prescribed period from the collection centers where the works were submitted.
  2. The artist must present the Retrieval Pass and proper identification card to the authorized Asian Tigers Lane Moving or Provincial Collection Center personnel to claim his/her entry.
  3. Entries not collected on designated dates shall become the property of the Organizer who will then dispose of them in whatever way they deem fit.

The twenty winning works for Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao and Metro Manila will be announced via its website,, and exhibited together for at least three weeks in Manila at the Yuchengco Museum. At the designated date, an Awarding Ceremony will be held at the Yuchengco Museum wherein the 5 National Winners of 2016 will be announced and prizes will be awarded accordingly.

Submission of entry signifies acceptance of the rules and regulations of the competition. While all possible care will be taken on entries submitted, the Organizer (PMFTC, Inc and PAA), the exhibit venues and official handler / forwarder assume no responsibility for any loss or damage to the entries before, during and/or after the competition.

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