1. How will two-dimensional entries be judged vis-à-vis multi-dimensional entries?
    All entries to the competition will be evaluated and judged equally. 

  2. Why did the PAA expand the competition to accept multi-dimensional entries?
    The PAA believes that the expansion will give artists a wider latitude to exercise their creative freedom which is line with the PAA’s objective to consistently help in the creative development of Philippine artists.

  3. What is the reason for discontinuing the regional finals?
    Regional re-alignment of sponsorship resources in the region.

  4. Is there a plan to continue this in the future?
    At present, the decision is to discontinue the regional finals.

  5. For how long will the national competition be sponsored by PMPMI?
    Locally there are already laws in place as to the brand and corporate sponsorships of cultural and sports events by tobacco companies. It is the policy of Philip Morris as a good corporate citizen to abide by these laws.

  6. Is this the last Art Awards competition?
    PMPMI is committed to continue the PAA for as long as existing laws allow it.

  7. Is it possible to set a standard size for entries?
    The competition provides the artistic freedom to choose the dimension of your entry as long as it doesn’t exceed the maximum dimensions stipulated in the rules and regulations. The maximum size is only imposed because the works are to travel.

  8. Is size a basis for winning the competition? Why do you impose a maximum size and weight?
    No. Size is not a criterion for selection. However, due to shipping and exhibition constraints, works must be of reasonable size not exceeding the maximum dimensions stipulated in the rules & regulations.

  9. Why can’t artists below 18 years old join the competition?
    Since the organizer of the competition is a cigarette manufacturer, it is deemed appropriate to limit the participation to the competition to adults who are 18 years old and above.

  10. What are the judging criteria?
    All entries will be judged according to the following criteria: creative use of medium; expression and technique; originality of artistic perception & mode of interpretation.

  11. Who comprises the panel of judges?
    Entries in the competition will be judged by a panel of well-known local artists/ art connoisseurs/ art critics/ art historians recommended by supporting organizations and approved by Philip Morris Phils. Mfg. Inc.

  12. Can we submit our work in Metro Manila?
    Yes, artists can submit their entry in Metro Manila. However, the artists will have to shoulder all the expenses to transport their entry to Manila and the entry must be retrieved in Manila if they do not make it to the semifinals.

  13. What are considered dangerous substances/materials?

    Substances/materials that pose immediate risk and harm to the physical well-being of a person are considered dangerous.

  14. What are considered illegal substances/materials?

    Substances/materials that are prohibited by law are considered illegal.




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